Report Parameters

This report has four parameters (as shown in). These parameters are described in the following table.

Table 11-1. Purge Empty Time Sheets Lines report field description

Field Name



Default Value

* Purge Line in Time Sheets created before

Specifies the time threshold of the purge.

Only time sheets with period end dates prior to this date will have empty lines deleted.


When you open the calendar, the current date is highlighted.

Report Only

Indicates whether or not to generate a report without deleting the eligible empty time sheet lines.

If you set this field to Yes, no lines will be deleted. In this case, only a report of the empty lines that are eligible to delete is generated.

No, which means all eligible empty time sheet lines are deleted after the report completes.

Work Item Types

Specifies which work item types are eligible to have empty lines deleted.

Blank, which means this report processes time sheet lines of all work item types.

Time Sheet Statuses

Specifies the states of time sheets to process.

Only time sheets in the specified states will have empty lines deleted.

Choices include:

  • Closed

  • Canceled

  • Frozen

Blank, which means this report processes empty lines for time sheets in all the following states:

  • Closed

  • Canceled

  • Frozen