Prerequisites for Running the Time Sheet Data Importer

To run the time sheet data importer script, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • You must have the Edit Time Sheets access grant.

  • Values for all of the following data specified in the .xml file must already exist in PPM:

    • Work items (projects, tasks, requests, packages, and miscellaneous items)

    • MISC work items in time sheets, as values for the PPM validation TMG - Misc. Work Items

    • Resources specified for any purpose, including time sheet line approvers

    • Time periods

    • Time sheet policies

    • Activities

    • Charge codes

    • Time sheet line user data fields

    • Relevant override rules

  • When you run the script, you can import data from multiple .xml files. Each file can include multiple time sheets, but you must place all the files in the same directory, which you specify when you run the script. That directory must contain only files that are to be used by the script.

  • The data in all the .xml files must conform to the formats specified in the timeConversion.xsd file, which is located in the following directory:




    represents the host name or IP address where your PPM instance is accessed.


    represents the port number where your PPM instance is accessed.

    <Host>:<Port> corresponds to value of the   BASE_URL parameter in the server.conf configuration file.

  • If the .xml file contains any non-English characters, it must use UTF-8 encoding.