Files Generated While Running the Time Sheet Data Importer

As the script completes its operation on each .xml file in the directory, it moves the file to one of the following subdirectories of the directory you specified for logLocation, as appropriate:

  • SUCCESS subdirectory if all of the file's time sheets were successfully imported.

  • PARTIAL subdirectory if only some of the file's time sheets were successfully imported. (No individual time sheet is partially imported—each time sheet is either imported entirely or not at all.)

  • FAILURE subdirectory if none of the file's time sheets were successfully imported.

The script does not change any of the .xml files.

For each time sheet that does not get created from .xml data for any reason, the script creates the following two new files in the resubmissions subdirectory:

  • .log file containing the exception

  • .xml file containing data for only that time sheet, copied from the original .xml file so that you can more conveniently identify and correct that time sheet data in the original .xml file to resubmit it.

For example, if you specify the location of your source .xml files as Timesheet_Data and you do not specify a different log location (-logLocation) when you run the script, the directory and file structure would be as follows:

    <Source .xml files with time sheet data to be processed>
       <Source .xml files with successfully imported data>
       <Source .xml files with partially imported data>
       <Source .xml files with no successfully imported data>
       [Example: mainProgressLog_runId_30005.log]
       [A .log and an .xml file for each failure to import a time sheet:]
       [Example djones_2010-06-16_1_failure_exception.log] 
       [Example: djones_2010-06-16_1_failure_xml.xml]