Error Logs

The script logs an error and does not create a time sheet in PPM when it finds any of the following:

  • Specified .xml file does not exist.

  • Specified .xml file does not meet the required format of the .xsd file.

  • Specified .xml file does not include a time sheet.

  • Time sheet for this resource, time period, and sequence number already exists in PPM.

  • Resource specified for any purpose, including the time sheet line approver, does not exist in PPM.

  • Specified time sheet policy does not exist in PPM.

  • Time period of the specified type and start day does not exist in PPM.

  • Time period's start date is not within the specified time period in the .xml file.

  • Time sheet in the .xml file includes lines that use different methods of entering time. Time for the lines in a time sheet must be logged entirely in one of the supported methods specified by the Enter Time by field on the Time Sheet Policy tab (see Configure general information and the time sheet policy tab).

  • Time sheet has no time sheet lines in the .xml file.

  • Work item type with the specified type and description does not exist in PPM.

  • Work item type is not PROJECT, TASK, REQUEST, PACKAGE, or MISC.

  • One or more of the time sheet lines in the time sheet does not have any actuals.

  • Time breakdown for the same line is provided both with and without an activity. (Either all actuals must specify some activity, or none can.)

  • Time breakdown is specified for dates that are not within the time period.

Note: Time sheet policy violations identified by the script are not considered errors and do not cause log entries. The script creates time sheets with the violations, which are seen as usual when the time sheets are opened in PPM.