Converting Service Manager Changes to PPM RFCs

The following figure depicts the flow for converting a change in Service Manager to an ALM request for change (RFC), and importing the RFC into PPM.

Figure 4-1. Using the Service Manager adapter to import changes from   Service Manager into PPM

The Service Manager adapter consists of the following three components:

  • Connector. Collects changes from the Service Manager system.

  • Converter. Uses field mapping to convert the changes from the Service Manager data model in which the changes were created to RFCs for the PPM data model.

    The converter also contains two optional filters to control which changes are imported into PPM. The preFilter filters out categories of changes you specify in the Service Manager data model before those changes are converted. After the Service Manager changes are converted to RFCs, the postFilter filters out categories of requests you specify before those requests are presented to the sender.

  • Sender. Using the RFC data from the converter, creates the RFCs in PPM.