Overview of Configuring the Service Manager Integration

Before configuring the integration, you must identify the Service Manager data attributes that will be integrated with PPM, including which of the attributes of Service Manager changes to send to PPM, and, for bidirectional integration, which of the attributes to receive back from PPM.

Before you can begin importing changes from Service Manager into PPM, you must configure Service Manager and configure the Service Manager adapter in PPM to enable integration. The procedures are summarized as follows:

  • Configure Service Manager in the particular ways required for integration of PPM with Service Manager.

  • Generate Service Manager Web service stubs for Service Manager. PPM needs the Service Manager Web service stubs to connect to Service Manager.

  • Configure the Service Manager adapter configuration file on the PPM Server, to support converting a change in Service Manager to an ALM request for change (RFC) and then importing the RFC into PPM. ALM provides an Service Manager default adapter configuration file.

  • If you want the integration to be bidirectional, that is, to also send updates that are made in PPM RFCs back to Service Manager as change updates, configure the PPM adapter configuration file on the PPM Server. ALM provides a default PPM adapter configuration file associated with Service Manager.

  • Configure the required server.conf parameter in PPM.

  • Restart the PPM Server in normal mode and verify that the ALM Startup service has started.

  • Configure logging of errors and events.