Modifying the cm3r.pre.add Trigger

To modify the cm3r.pre.add trigger,

  1. Type db in the Service Manager command line and press Enter.

    The Database Manager window opens.

  2. Type triggers in the Table field and click Search.

  3. Type cm3r.pre.add in the Trigger Name field and click Search.

  4. Copy and paste the following JavaScript into the Script text box:

    _rec_number = record.number;
    var _filename = "cm3r";
    var _query = "number=\"" + _rec_number+ "\"";
    var _title = "Change number " + _rec_number;
    var _link=system.library.urlCreator.getURLFromQuery (_filename, _query, _title);
    record.record_url =_link;
  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Compile to check for any errors and compile. No errors should occur.

    Now, any new record will have the record.url field populated. However, as described in the following steps, you will need to perform the Mass Update procedure to populate the record.url field for existing records.

  7. Click OK.