Performing the Mass Update Procedure for the Existing Records

To perform the Mass Update procedure for the existing records,

  1. Select Menu Navigation > Change Management > Search Changes.

  2. Click Search to display a list of change records.

  3. Select the records you want to update.

  4. Once the Mass Update procedure is complete, confirm that the record.url field is populated for the existing Change tickets.

  5. (Optional) To browse directly from the Web server using a URL that includes a ticket ID, disable the querySecurity parameter by using the instructions in the following Service Manager Help topic:

    "Web parameter: sc.querySecurity"

  6. (Optional) Add the following line to the conversion script file in PPM for converting Service Manager changes to PPM requests:

    ppmRFC.addURLReference(serviceManagerRFC.get ("record.url"), <display text for URL reference>);

    where <display text for URL reference> represents the text to be displayed for the link to the URL.

    For information about copying the sample conversion file provided with ALM and revising the copy, see Configuring the Service Manager Adapter Converter Property (Script).

    For information about the addURLReference function, see ppmRFC Object.