Updating Service Manager Application Server with Idle Session Timeout and Modifying the falcon User Profile

How to update Service Manager Application Server with idle session timeout

  1. Update the sm.ini file with the following parameter to drop idle connections:

  2. Restart the Service Manager Windows services.

If you integrate Service Manager with PPM version 9.14 or later, make sure you modify the falcon user profile in Service Manager.

  1. Type operator in the Service Manager command line and press Enter.

    The Search Operator Record screen opens.

  2. Type falcon in the Login Name field and click Search.

    The Operator Record screen displays.

  3. Go to the Login Profiles tab.

  4. In the Login Profile section, set Time Zone and Date Format as follows:

    • Set Time Zone to your location (optional)

    • Click pull-down button for the Date Format field and select

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click OK.