Validating the Integration is working

To validate whether the integration is working,

  1. From the Service Manager client,

    1. If the PPM=>Service Manager direction works, you should see the following field/values that are mapped by default in the c:\ppm\conf\sdi\ppm-sm-adapter.ext\convertRequest.js file.

      By default, these fields are not visible on the Service Manager request page. So, you may need to make the fields visible or login to the DB schema and look for them.

      • PPMURL — http://localhost:8080/itg/web/knta/crt/RequestDetail.jsp?REQUEST.jsp

      • REQMODDATE — Today's date

      • There may be other custom mappings defined in that file as well.

    2. Alternatively, you can use SQL client to check the Service Manager DB schema.