Generating Web Service Stubs

Note: Perform this procedure for new installations of ALM content bundle and after any upgrade of PPM.

In Service Manager, you can modify which fields are available through Web services. Each time you modify these settings, a new Web Services Description Language (WSDL) descriptor is created. In the PPM Server, you must regenerate the Web service stubs from the new descriptor.

To generate the stubs:

  1. Navigate to the <PPM_Home>/bin/sdi directory on the PPM Server.

    where <PPM_Home> represents the path where the PPM instance is installed. For example: xyzserver/E/PPMServer.

  2. Run the following script:

    ./ <wsdl-url> <PPM_Server_Name>


    <wsdl-url> represents the Service Manager WSDL URL for Change Management.

    represents the subdirectory of <PPM_Home>/server specified during installation as the value for the KINTANA_SERVER_NAME parameter in the server.conf file. (This value is not necessarily the actual host name of the server.) When generated, the stubs will be placed in this subdirectory.

    The specific script is in the following format: 

    ./ http://<Host>:<Port>/sc62server/PWS/ChangeManagement?wsdl <PPM_Server_Name>

    For example:

    ./ http://ServManager:13080/sc62server/PWS/ChangeManagement?wsdl kintana
  3. Verify that the stubs are now in the following directory:


Note: The stub generation might fail if the host is not resolvable by name. To resolve the host by name, make an entry in the hosts file for the machine you want to connect. See the documentation for your operating system for the location of the hosts file.