Configuring the Service Manager Adapter Attributes

Specify the adapter attributes of the Service Manager adapter configuration file, such as the adapter name and the service desk application, as described in the table below.

Table 4-1. Service Manager adapter attributes

Attribute Name


Default Value


Logical name that represents the adapter name on the client machine. For example:


This name is also used for the scripts (.ext) directory. (See Location and Naming of the Service Manager Adapter Configuration File.)



Unique logical name for the service desk system you are using.

For example:

Service Manager



Number of changes that the adapter processes at a time.



Times of day that the adapter polls Service Manager for changes, formatted as a list of cron expressions separated by the new line character.

For example:

30 * * * * <new line> 0 * * * *



Frequency (in seconds) that the adapter polls Service Manager for changes.

If polling-schedules and polling-frequency are unspecified, then the default polling-frequency is 30 seconds, starting when you restart the PPM Server.


Earliest creation date and time of changes the adapter retrieves from Service Manager, in the following format:

MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss z

For example:

10/19/08 21:30:00 EST

After completion, the adapter does not retrieve any new or updated changes (per the polling-schedules and polling-frequency attributes) until this attribute is commented out.