Troubleshooting Tips

Resources on PPM Side

  • File System

    • PPM / Service Manager directories

      • c:\ppm\conf\sdi — Configuration / adapter files and folder

      • c:\ppm\bin\sdi — Web stub compilation scripts

    • c:\ppm\sdi-persistency

      1. When the connection is successfully established, files will be generated in this directory.

        If not, there should be an issue with starting the ALM services, permission issues with configuration files or connection related problem.

      2. *.ser — The last Service Manager ticket updated

      3. *.log — The integration log

  • DB tables

    1. sdi_log_details
    2. sdi_summary_logs

Failure to Compile the Web Services Stub

  1. Make sure that the host names can be resolved.

  2. Make sure the Service Manager has enabled the legacy URL:


    Otherwise you will get timeout error.

  3. Make sure PPM can access Service Manager Web services port and URL through the firewall, Load Balancer, Proxy, and so on.

Error Types

Unable to read serviceManager-adapter.settings file

Check the folder/file ownership to the *.settings file. Must be owned by the process owner, for example, infra\itg##-user.

Failure to synchronize data

  1. Make sure the Service Manager fields has a corresponding DB column/table. For example, check the DB schema for the field.

  2. Make sure the corresponding fields exist in the Service Manager. For example, structured fields.

Error in Service Manager server log " SELECT m1."NUMBER" FROM CM3RM1 m1 WHERE ((m1."SYSMODTIME" and m1."SYSMODTIME")) ORDER BY m1."NUMBER" ASC "

To troubleshoot the error,

  1. Check the Service Manager user account used to perform the integration.

  2. Open this operator in Service Manager and change the date format to be the same with the `queryDateFormatPattern' in the *.settings configuration file.

    For example, queryDateFormatPattern=MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss in serviceManager-txp-adapter.settings.

  3. After making this change, regenerate the Web Service stubs.

Error in the sdi_log_details table

  • "PPMSender:Failed to create/update a request in PPM for ticket with refId= "

    • Make sure the PPM user ID used for integration is created on PPM side and the password matches.

    • Try logging into PPM using the SM_PPM_INT user ID and make sure that the Reset Password window pop up is not present. If so, reset to something else and then reset back to "your password" again.

  • "com.mercury.onyx.sdi.SDIException:
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property 'reqModDate'
    has no read method"

    Validate the reqModDate field is exposed and has the correct Caption:

  • "org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The markup in the document
    following the root element must be well-formed."

    Validate there are no spaces in the exposed WSDL caption names.

    For example, "Record URL" is incorrect, "RecordURL" is correct.

Authentication Issues with the sdi_log_details table and serverLog.txt

  1. Check to make sure the MAM field group is disabled if not needed. Will see failed authentication error in PPMserverLog.txt.

  2. Validate the Service Manager user credentials and password matches between the c:\ppm\conf\sdi\serviceManager.settings and the
    ppm-sm-adapater.settings files.