Selecting CIs in Universal CMDB and Adding the CIs to a Request

To select the desired CIs in Universal CMDB to add to the request:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Create > Request.

  3. Create a request using a request type that includes the Universal CMDB Impact Analysis field group.

  4. As necessary, click the Delete icon to the left of any CI you want to delete.

    The Delete icon becomes an undo icon to allow you to undo the pending deletion.

  5. After the desired CIs are listed in the request, click Submit (or Save for an existing request) to add the list of CIs to the request.

Note: If a request with a list of CIs is copied, the list of CIs is not copied to the new request.

Note: The CIs in a request are available as part of standard Web services for a request. The token is REQ_VP_KNTA_UCMDB_CI_LIST. The value of the field represented by this token is a comma-separated list of CI IDs.