Introduction to the Integration

Integrating PPM requests with QC/ALM defects or requirements enables you to create requirements and defects in QC/ALM while using PPM. This allows users of both applications to participate in the processing of defects, change requests, and release requests.

In PPM, a request type is a template, and when you create a request, you must select a request type. With the PPM–QC/ALM integration, creating the request in PPM automatically creates a defect or requirement in the integrated QC/ALM project. For example, depending on the integration configuration, creating a PPM request of the type PPM_Defect could create a defect in QC/ALM project A or project B, and creating a PPM request of the type PPM_Requirement could create a requirement in QC/ALM project A or project B.

In addition, for integration with ALM, when an ALM defect is created, an associated PPM request can be created automatically.

PPM supports integrating with QC 10.00 and ALM, however, the integrations have the following differences.