Process Integration

  • Inclusion of QC/ALM data in the workflow. The PPM workflow is a well-defined process that allows IT managers to plan, track, and deploy software enhancements. Integration allows you to build your own workflows and steps in PPM while using fields and data from
    QC/ALM. The QC/ALM defect resolution capabilities become part of the workflow. This makes the quality process an integral and formal part of the IT processes.

  • QA-dependent workflow progression (for integration with QC 10.00 only). Progress from one step in the PPM workflow to the next can be made dependent on progress by the QA team. In PPM, the IT manager can view how a project is affected by the quality defects that are collected in Quality Center and can decide whether a defect has been resolved or an enhancement can be deployed.

  • Direct activation of processes, and creation of QC/ALM requirements and defects from PPM. Processes can be activated by PPM—creating a PPM request of a type that is integrated with QC/ALM creates a defect or requirement in QC/ALM when the relevant step in the PPM workflow is activated.