Creating the Mapping Between PPM and QC Fields

After you enable a Quality Center project for the integration, you use the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool to map a particular PPM request type to a Quality Center defect or requirement and to specify the desired mapping between the PPM fields and the Quality Center fields.

  1. In the left pane of the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool, expand the tree until the child node at the lowest level (defect, requirement, or both) is visible.

  2. Click the child node you want to map and select Action > Add Mapping (or right-click the node you want to map and click Add Mapping).

    The Map Fields wizard opens.

  3. Click Next to continue.

  4. In the User Name and Password fields, type the user name and password of the Quality Center administrator.

  5. Click Next to continue.

    The PPM Request Type field appears with a drop-down list.

  6. Click the arrow of the drop-down list to display a list of all the PPM request types that can be mapped to a Quality Center defect or requirement (depending on which you selected in step 2).

  7. Select the request type in PPM that is to be mapped to the Quality Center defect or requirement.

  8. If you want to change which field, if any, is dominant for a field mapping, click the value in the Override column for the field mapping of interest, and select another value from the list that appears.

  9. Click Next to continue.

  10. Click Finish to save the mapping and close the wizard.

    The new mapping is displayed in the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool. (In the example, expand the defect list.)

  11. By default, a local copy of the mapping file (ITGQCIntegration.xml) is saved in the Windows directory in which you installed the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool. As discussed later, you will use the tool to deploy the mapping file to the PPM Server and the Quality Center server. Then the integration can operate without any dependency on the local Windows machine on which the integration tool is installed.

    If you want to save the XML mapping file elsewhere, select File > Save To and specify the location.

    If you want to open an XML mapping file stored in another location, click File > Open.

  12. Click File > Exit to close the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool.