Mapping the Notes Field in PPM to an Existing Project

When you enable a new Quality Center project for integration, the integration tool attempts to create new fields in the Quality Center project to correspond to the Notes to be added on save field for the PPM request. When you update the content of this field in a PPM request, the associated field is updated in Quality Center.

When you enable a new Quality Center project, the new fields are named as follows:

  • For a defect, the added field in the Defects table is called BG_USER_<XX>, for example BG_USER_25.

  • For a requirement, the added field in the Requirements table is called RQ_USER_<XX>, for example RQ_USER_26.

Note: If you enable an existing project that already includes some user-defined memo fields, the added fields may have different names.

Since the Quality Center fields are memo fields and there can be no more than three user-defined memo fields per table, the attempt to map Notes to memo fields may fail. If the attempt fails, you cannot use the integration tool to map the Notes to be added on save field. Instead, you must add the memo fields to the project manually, and edit the XML mapping file by adding one of the following to the appropriate mapping file, using the example:

  • For defects:

    <param name="BUG_ITG_NOTES">BG_USER_25</param>
  • For requirements:

    <param name="REQ_ITG_NOTES">RQ_USER_26</param>