Configure PPM for the integration

This topic provides details about how to configure PPM for the integration with QC 10.00.

Note: Before you configure the integration described in this section, make sure that ALM has been installed and initially configured as described in Install and set up ALM Content Bundle.

Connect PPM Server with QC servers

Make sure that an HTTP port is open between the PPM Server and each Quality Center server having projects to be integrated.

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Configure server.conf parameters in PPM

You need to add (if not present) and specify the parameters related to Quality Center integration to the PPM server.conf configuration file.

To add and specify PPM server configuration parameters:

  1. Stop the PPM Server.

  2. Open the <PPM_Home>/server.conf file, add and configure the following parameters:

    All parameter names begin with com.kintana.core.server. but that is not shown in the table.




    Set this parameter to false if an XML mapping file has not been generated and deployed to PPM and Quality Center.

    Set this parameter to true if an XML mapping file has been generated and deployed to PPM and Quality Center, so that integration can be enabled. If a mapping file has not been deployed and you set this parameter to true, the PPM Server will not restart.

    This parameter controls whether PPM attempts to send information to Quality Center. (Even if this parameter is set to false,Quality Center sends information to PPM.)


    (already present in server.conf)

    The URL of the PPM Server. By default, contains the host name of the PPM Server, for example, http://ppmhost:8080.

    However, if the PPM Server is installed in a WAN, use the IP address of the PPM Server, for example,, rather than its host name.


    Always set this parameter to false. It does not apply to ALM entities.

  3. Run the script to apply your changes. For details, see

  4. Restart the PPM Server.

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