Task 2: Uninstalling QC 10.00, Installing ALM 11.00 or Later, and Upgrading QC Database

  1. Stop Quality Center 10.00 service and uninstall Quality Center 10.00 with keeping all the QC DB schema. Make sure that you have noted down the Quality Center JBoss port number.

    For detailed instructions, see Quality Center Installation Guide.

  2. Install ALM 11.00 or later. Make sure that you upgrade QC database from the existing one. Also make sure that the QC JBoss port is using the same one as QC 10.00 settings.

    For detailed instructions, see the Quality Center Installation Guide and the Application Lifecycle Management Installation Guide.

  3. Start ALM 11.00 or later, and log in to Site Administration using DB administrator account.

  4. From the navigation pane, locate the project for which you want to upgrade the database.

  5. Right click the project and select Deactivate Project from the pop-up menu, then click OK.

  6. Right click the project again, select Maintain Project > Upgrade Project.

    The Upgrade Project dialog opens.

  7. Click Upgrade Project.

  8. Click Close when the project is successfully upgraded.

  9. Right click the project and select Activate Project from the pop-up menu, then click OK.