Task 3: Upgrade QC Integration Configuration

  1. Go back to PPM, check that background service QC Integration Migration Service is up.

  2. Provide values for the QC/ALM Username and QC/ALM Password fields.

  3. Click OK to save your changes and close the Map Values dialog.

  4. Click Next on the Step 2: Map PPM—QC/ALM Fields tab page.

  5. After you have successfully upgraded all integration configurations with QC 10 to with ALM 11.x, make sure you comment out the following line from the server.conf file:


    The ENABLE_QUALITY_CENTER_INTEGRATION parameter is not needed anymore after you upgrade the integration configuration to ALM 11.x.

  6. Go to PPM database, you should find some new records in the PPM_INT_QC_ENTITY_MAP table.