Upgrading from Integration with QC 9.20 to Integration with ALM

To upgrade your existing integration configurations with Quality Center 9.20 to integration with ALM, do the following:

  1. Stop PPM Server.

  2. Back up the XML mapping file (ITGQCIntegration.xml).

  3. Uninstall Quality Center 9.20, install ALM 11.00 or later, and upgrade Quality Center database.

    For detailed instructions, see the ALM Installation Guide.

  4. If you have not upgraded to PPM version 24.1-24.2, follow the supported upgrade paths and upgrade your PPM instance from an earlier version to 24.1-24.2.

  5. Copy and paste the XML mapping file (ITGQCIntegration.xml) you backed up earlier to the <PPM_Home>/conf/ directory.

  6. Follow the instructions in Upgrade from Integration with QC 10.00 to Integration with ALM to upgrade the integration configurations.