(Optional) Configure Project Overview Layout

After installation of PPM version 24.1-24.2, for newly created project types, the four new portlets are included in the Project Overview page by default. No additional configuration work is required.

However, if you create a project type by customizing an existing project type created in an earlier version of PPM, to view project quality related information, you need to manually add the new portlets on the Project Overview Layout policy page. To do so,

  1. From the PPM menu bar, select Search > Administrative > Project Types.

    The Manage Project Types page opens.

  2. Select the project type you just created.

    The Modify Project Type page opens.

  3. Click the Project Overview Layout tab.

    The Project Overview Layout policy page opens.

  4. In the Layout section, click Add Portlets.

    The Add Portlets page opens.

  5. Select Project Overview from the drop-down list for the Category field and click Find Portlets.

  6. Select the checkboxes for the following four portlets:

    Open Defect Trends
    Priority Defect Trends
    Project Quality Scorecard
    Requirements Trends

  7. Click Add.

  8. On the Project Overview Layout policy page, click Save or Done.