Registering ALM Instances

To register an ALM instance:

  1. From the PPM menu bar, select Open > Administration > Integrations.

    The Integration Configurations page opens.

  2. Click View Project Quality in the navigation pane.

    The View Project Quality integration configurations page opens.

  3. Click Add Integration Configuration.

    The Server Configuration Details section displays.

  4. Complete the fields described in the following table.

    Field (*Required)


    *QC/ALM Server Name

    Specify a unique name for the target ALM server.

    Note: The server name shall not contain pound sign (#) or space.

    *QC/ALM Version

    Select ALM server version from the dropdown list of supported versions. Valid values include ALM 11.00, ALM 11.20, ALM 11.50, and ALM 12.00.

    *QC/ALM Server URL

    URL of the ALM server you want to integrate with. For example,

    *QC/ALM Username

    ALM account username that you use to log on to the ALM server.

    If ALM runs in SSO mode, provide the API key instead of username.

    *QC/ALM Password

    Password of your ALM account.

    If ALM runs in SSO mode, provide the API key secret instead of password.

    Enable User Access Control

    Specify whether you want to enable LDAP authentication to restrict user access.

    This option is available only when you have configured LDAP authentication support on both the PPM Server and the target ALM Server.

    For details, see Configuring LDAP Authentication Support for User Access Control.


    Provide a description for the ALM instance.

  5. Click Save.

    The ALM instance you just registered is added to the Integration Configurations summary list.