Notes about the Mapping Relationship between PPM Project and ALM Release

The mapping relationships between PPM projects and ALM releases are stored in the related requests. You may use the SQL below to find related project mappings.

SELECT p.PRJ_PROJECT_ID, p.project_name, vqm.vqm_server_id, vqm.vqm_domain, vqm.vqm_project, vqm.vqm_release_id, vqm.vqm_release  
WHERE p.request_id = vqm.request_id 
AND p.prj_project_id is not null AND vqm.vqm_release_id is not null 

Workaround for Mapping One PPM Project to Multiple ALM Releases

PPM supports ONE-ONE mapping relationship between a PPM project and an ALM release. If your organization has the business need for mapping one PPM project to multiple ALM releases, you can follow the workaround below:

  1. Create PPM Project A for linking to one ALM release.

  2. Create PPM Master Project B, and then add task for PPM Project A.

  3. Set Project A as reference in the task.

  4. Create portlet types to display the quality statistics in Master Project B.