Introduction to integrating PPM tasks with ALM releases

This topic introduces the integration of PPM tasks with ALM releases.

What the integration brings

The integration between PPM tasks and ALM Releases is an extension of the capability of the View Project Quality integration solution (integration between PPM projects and ALM releases). The integration extension enables project managers to manage multiple ALM releases with one PPM project by integrating project tasks with ALM releases.

The integration of PPM tasks with the Releases module of the ALM allows project management officers, project managers, development managers, and QA managers to have visibility into quality KPIs and ALM scorecards of multiple ALM releases from PPM Center projects by integrating PPM tasks with ALM releases, and allows them to optimize the management of project quality by:

  • Introducing and enforcing consistent workflows for all major application delivery processes.
  • Initiating and managing both application and testing projects and ALM releases.

The integration allows project managers to link a task under a project to a specific release managed in ALM. Each PPM Center task is associated with a single release in ALM throughout the task life cycle. This is a one-way one-to-one mapping relationship. This association begins when a project manager maps one task to a specific ALM release.

After the mapping relationship is established, the project managers are able to view quality KPIs and ALM scorecard report for a release retrieved from ALM. In addition, project managers can also view the overall release hierarchy information of a specific work package from within PPM Center.

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Where the integration related information is stored

The following table lists where the integration related information is stored.

Data table Description
PPM_INT_SOLUTIONS_NLS Stores the integration solution information
PPM_INT_CONFIGURATIONS Stores all ALM server information related to the integration configurations
PPM_INT_QUALITY_TASK_MAPPING Stores mapping information about PPM tasks and ALM releases
PPM_INT_QUALITY_STATISTICS Stores ALM quality statistics information
PPM_INT_EVENTS Stores error logs

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What to consider before configuring the integration solution

Consider the following before configuring the integration solution:

  • The integration solution supports one-one mapping between a PPM task to an ALM release only.

  • This integration supports OOTB quality metrics only. Customized reports and metrics are not supported yet.

  • There is no cleanup service to clean all the outdated data in the KPIs table.

  • You can not delete any existing ALM server configuration entries.

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What is different from View Project Quality solution

The following table lists the similarities and differences between the View Project Quality and Integration of PPM tasks with ALM releases solutions.



View Project Quality solution (available since 9.20) Integration of PPM Tasks with ALM Releases (available since 9.21)
Both integrate with ALM Releases module Integrates at PPM project level Integrates at PPM task level
Both support one-one mapping relationship Between a PPM project and an ALM release Between a PPM task and an ALM release

Both retrieve similar KPI data and scorecard information from ALM, including:

  • Priority Defects Trend

  • Open Defects Trend
  • Requirements Trend
  • Project Quality Scorecard
  • Displays data retrieved from ALM in four portlets on the Project Summary tab of the Project Overview page
  • Stores data retrieved from ALM in the PPM_INT_QC_KPI table
  • Displays data retrieved from ALM in graphs on:
    • The Quality tab of Project Overview page;
    • The Quality tab of the Task Details page
  • Stores data retrieved from ALM in the PPM_INT_QUALITY_STATISTICS table
Both uses background synchronization services Uses the QC Integration Sync KPI Service Uses the Project Quality Sync Service
Both share the same View Project Quality integration configuration landing page   The Enable User Access Control option is removed after deploying the integration bundles.

These two integration solutions are independent of each other. However, we recommend you use the integration of PPM tasks with ALM Releases.

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