Synchronize Memo Fields from ALM to PPM

Starting from version 9.22, for any new defect or requirement that is created in ALM 11.00 (or later), each of the memo fields (that are mapped to PPM request text fields on the Manage Application Change integration landing page in PPM) in the defect or requirement will be saved as an html reference attachment to the PPM request after you perform ALM to PPM synchronization. You can find all html attachments in the References section of a PPM request.

The html file name follows this format: <ALM_Entity_Field_Name>.html, and in the description of the html file, a label in the format of "The content of memo field '<Label Name>' in ALM/QC entity". For example, description.html.

If a memo field is changed or updated in ALM, the html attachment file to PPM request is updated after next synchronization.

This ensures that a full version of the content from each of the ALM defect or requirement memo fields is available for users to view when the corresponding PPM request text fields contain confusing html tags after synchronization. This is especially helpful when ALM defect or requirement memo fields contain 4000+ bytes, because no text will be truncated in the html attachment files after synchronization. All content of memo fields will be synchronized as HTML attachments, and any update from ALM entities will also update the PPM request attachment files after next synchronization.

For existing PPM requests that contain 4000+ bytes in any of the mapped text fields, after you upgrade PPM to version 9.22 or later, when you perform ALM to PPM synchronization, the system compares the content contained in the PPM request text field against the first 4000 bytes of the content in the ALM memo field (stored in ALM database) to see if any update has been made. If yes, an html reference attachment file will be generated for each of the ALM defect or requirement memo fields and synchronized to the PPM request; otherwise no html attachment file will be generated.

Note that the content in mapped PPM request text fields remain the same after you upgrade PPM to version 9.22 or later.