(Optional) Push CI Data from UCMDB to APM

Data push jobs copy or update CI or CI relationship records from the local UCMDB system to your APM system.

To run a customized data push job, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to UCMDB as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Data Flow Management > Integration Studio.

    UCMDB displays a list of existing integration points.

  3. Select the integration point you created for APM.

  4. Run the job manually to see if the integration job works properly:

    1. To push all the relevant data for the job, click the All Data Synchronization button (or Full Synchronization ).

    2. To push only the changes in the data since the job last executed, click the Changes Synchronization button (or Delta Synchronization ).

  5. The job is in Running status. Wait for the job to complete; click the Refresh button multiple times as needed until the job is completed.

    You can also look at the Query tab as that gives a progress bar against the query it is running.

  6. When the job is completed, the job status becomes one of the following depending on the results:

    • Succeeded
    • Passed with failures
    • Failed
  7. Click the Statistics tab to view the results; if any errors occur, click the Query Status tab and Job Errors tab for more information. For more information about errors, see Troubleshooting and Limitations.