PPM Agile SDK – build your own Agile connectors

PPM Agile SDK is an open source software development kit that helps you create a new agile connector or modify an existing agile connector for the integration between PPM and an agile development tool.

Note: You do not need to create agile connectors for Agile Manager, ALM Octane, Atlassian JIRA, CA Rally, and VersionOne, for PPM provides connectors for these tools by default. However, you can use PPM Agile SDK to modify these connectors.

For information about how to build your own agile connectors, see the development guide in the PPM Agile SDK Home Wiki.

Once your customized agile connector for an agile development tool is ready, you can:

  1. Deploy the connector by running the command sh ./kDeploy.sh -i <custom_connector_bundle_name> in PPM.
  2. Integrate PPM with the agile tool depending on what your connector supports.