Integrate PPM tasks with Service Manager RFCs

Note: This integration does not use the ALM entities and does not require installing the ALM software.

This integration allows PPM project managers to specify which tasks in a project, if any, automatically create corresponding requests for change (RFCs) in Service Manager. As the RFCs are completed in Service Manager, the statuses of the associated PPM tasks are automatically set to Complete (or Cancelled).

Caution: This integration is not available for all projects where MSP Integration is set to Microsoft controls all shared work plan information.

The typical flow of this integration is as follows:

  • A project manager creates a task in a PPM project, which initiates an operational RFC in Service Manager.

  • Key information is copied from the task to the RFC (and is updated when the task is modified).

  • A Service Manager user works on the RFC, and the PPM task is automatically updated to reflect the RFC status.

  • The project manager can review the status of the Service Manager RFC as reflected in the PPM task.

  • Upon completion of the Service Manager RFC, the PPM task status is updated to Complete or Cancelled.