Integrate PPM tasks with VersionOne projects

The integration between PPM tasks and VersionOne projects enables project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, or project stakeholders to view real-time status and progress of agile projects that are run in VersionOne from within PPM projects.

This section details on how to set up and use the integration.

Add a VersionOne agile instance

A VersionOne agile instance is an environment where the VersionOne connector conveys the data from VersionOne to PPM.

What integrations does a VersionOne instance support?

When you add a VersionOne instance, you will see several icons shown next to the instance name. They are indicative of what kind of integrations a VersionOne instance can support.

Icon Meaning
TS The agile instance supports time sheet integration: you can import effort from VersionOne to PPM time sheets.
WP The agile instance supports work plan integration: you can link a VersionOne project with a PPM work plan task.

Add a VersionOne instance as an administrator

  1. From the PPM menu, select Open > Administration > Integrations.
  2. Navigate to the Enterprise Agile pane.
  3. In the Instances section, VersionOne line, click the add icon (+).
  4. Provide the required information.

    Field (*Required)


    *Instance Name

    Specify a unique name for the instance.

    The instance name should not exceed 50 characters. Do not contain such special characters as <>.

    *Base URL

    URL of the VersionOne server you want to integrate with PPM.

    Format of the URL: http(s)://<server_address>.

    If you have customized the VersionOne server, make sure you include the port number in the URL as well:


    Proxy Host

    Host name of the proxy if you have configured proxy for PPM Server to access the Internet.

    Proxy Port

    Port of the proxy if you have configured proxy for PPM Server to access the Internet.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Test Connection to test the connection with the instance.

    If a message appears stating that connection failed, click OK on the message, and then resolve the connection issue.

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Set PPM project as hybrid project

Only tasks in a hybrid project where only part of the project is done using agile methodology can be linked to VersionOne projects.

For details, see Set PPM project as hybrid project.

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Link a PPM task with a VersionOne project

When you link a PPM task with a VersionOne project, the VersionOne project becomes a sub-project of the PPM hybrid project.

To link a PPM task with a VersionOne project as a project manager:

  1. Open the hybrid project work plan.
  2. Open a target task.

    Tasks that can be linked with a VersionOne project must meet the following requirements:

    • The task is a leaf task.
    • The task is not a milestone.
    • The task has no manually entered actuals. Tasks with actuals only synced from time sheets can be linked with a VersionOne project.
    • The task is not already linked to an RFC in Service Manager.
    • If the project is already integrated with Microsoft Project, using either MSP plug-in or MPP file, the work plan should be fully controlled by PPM (under PPM-controlled mode) if you want to map the project tasks to VersionOne projects.
  3. In the Hybrid Project tab, click Start Mapping.
  4. In step 1, select a VersionOne instance, and click Next.
  5. In step 2: User Configuration, provide the following information to decide what to import to the linked task, and click Next.

    Field (*Required) Description
    *Username The user name you use to log on to the VersionOne server.
    *Password The password you use to log on to the VersionOne server.
    *Project Select a VersionOne project to link
  6. Confirm the user configuration and click Submit.

    The one-one mapping relationship is established, with the mapping information displayed right away.

    The linked task has the VersionOne logo in the front of its name, indicating it is linked to a VersionOne project.

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View VersionOne project data from within PPM

After a VersionOne project is linked to a PPM task,

  • You wait for the background service External Work Plan Sync to import the agile project's entities to the PPM project. These imported entities are listed under the linked task as leaf tasks.
  • You cannot edit the imported entities in the PPM project. However, their changes are synchronized from VersionOne to PPM every time after the External Work Plan Sync service runs.

The following table describes the one-one mapping of project process information between PPM and VersionOne.

Data in PPM Data in VersionOne
Task name

User story name

Schedule start Schedule start time of user story's parent entity
Schedule finish Schedule finish time of user story's parent entity
Actual start The same as schedule start time
Actual finish The same as schedule finish time
Scheduled effort

Total hours

Percent complete Done hours / (Done hours + To do hours)


  • In Planning
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Future
  • In Progress or In Testing
  • Done or Accepted

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Unlink VersionOne project from PPM task

To unlink a VersionOne project from a PPM task:

  1. Go to the Hybrid Project tab of the Task Details page for the linked task.

  2. Next to the VersionOne instance information, Click Unlink.

    A warning message pops up.

  3. Click OK.

    The link between the VersionOne project and PPM task is cancelled immediately.

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