PPM Support Matrix

This section lists the system requirements needed run PPM and the supported operating systems, browsers, technologies, and other third-party products.

Visit the Product Support Lifecycle page for release details and dates. The Product Support Lifecycle policy defines the level of support provided for each product version.

Access the most up-to-date versions of the support matrix and the integration catalog online:

Document Link
Support Matrix PPM 24.2 Support Matrix
Integration Catalog Integration Solutions Compatibility Matrix
Hardware requirements Sizing Recommendations

Note: PPM customers run PPM on an increasingly wide variety of environments (on-premises, cloud, and more). We continually update System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix with the latest information. However, due to the rapid changes of corporate platforms and cloud services, it’s beyond our ability to officially certify every available platform. For this reason, if a specific version of a platform you want to run PPM on is not listed in this compatibility matrix, you can inquire about whether it could be supported on the PPM Discussion Forums.

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