Use the special command details report to list special commands

PPM comes with pre-configured special commands. To see a list of all special commands in your system, run the Special Commands Detail report. This report provides information on special commands, how to use them, the parameters of the special command, and where the special command is used.

To view the special commands on your instance:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Create > Report. The Reports window opens.

  3. In the Report Category list, select Administrative.

  4. From the displayed list of administrative reports, select Special Command Details Report. The Special Command Details Report window opens.

  5. To view all special commands, leave the Special Command From and Special Command To fields empty.

  6. Under Report Parameters, select Yes for Show References.

  7. Click Submit, and then wait to see the report displayed.

  8. Tip: You can also use the Special Command Workbench to list the special commands on your PPM instance. For information on how to access the Special Command Workbench, see .