Configure the Filter Field Layout

To modify the filter field layout:

  1. Follow the instructions in Configure SQL validations and Add search fields to auto-complete validations.

  2. Click the Filter Layout tab.

    The Filter Layout tab lists the primary field and all filter fields that have been defined for the auto-complete list. The primary field, which is named Field Value, holds the selected value.

  3. Select the dimensions of the field.

    Fields can have a width of 1, 2, or 3. The field width must correspond to the column location. For example, a field located in Column 2 cannot have a width set to 3. For fields of the Text Area component type, you can determine the number of lines the Text Area will display. Select the field and change the value in the Component Lines field. If the selected field is not of type Text Area, this attribute is blank and non-updateable.

  4. Select the field that you would like to move.

    To select more than one field, type the Shift key while selecting a range to select a continuous set of fields. Type the Ctrl key to select a non-contiguous set of fields.

  5. Use the arrow pointers to move the fields to the desired location in the layout builder.

    Note: A field or a set of fields cannot be moved to an area where other fields already exist. The other fields must be moved out of the way first.

  6. To switch the positions of two fields:

    1. Select the first field, and then and select the Swap Mode option.

      An S is displayed in the checkbox area of the selected field.

    2. Double-click the second field that you want to reposition.

      The two fields switch positions and the Swap Mode option is cleared.

  7. To preview the layout, click Preview.

    A window opens and shows the fields as they are to be displayed.

    Note: Rows with no fields are ignored. They are not displayed as blank lines.

    Hidden fields are treated the same as blank fields, and do not affect the layout.