Configure date field validations

Date fields can accept a variety of formats. The current date field validations are separated into two categories: all systems and systems using only the English language.

To create a date field validation:

  1. Open a new or existing validation, see Configure validations.

  2. In the Component Type field, select Date Field.

  3. Configure the date and time formats as necessary, using the following:

    Field Name



    Date Format


    Formats for the date part of the field. Choices are:

    • Long—January 2, 1999

    • Medium—02-Jan-99

    • Short—1/2/99

    • None—Date is not displayed.

    Date Format

    English Only

    Available formats for the date section of the field are:

    • MM/DD/YY (06/16/99)

    • DD-MON-YY (16-Jun-99)

    • MONTH DD, YYYY (June 16, 1999)

    • Day, Month DD, YYYY (Monday, June 16, 1999)

    • DD-MON (16-JUN, defaults to current year)

    • DD-MON-YYYY (16-JUN-1999)

    • MM-DD-YYYY (06-16-1999)

    • MM-DD-YY (06-16-99)

    • DD (Defaults to the current month and year)

    • MM/DD (06/16, defaults to current year)

    • MM/DD/YYYY (06/16/1999)

    Time Format


    Available formats for the time section of the field are:

    • Long—12:00:00 PM PST

    • Medium—12:00:00 PM

    • Short—12:00 PM

    • None—Time is not displayed.

  4. Click Save.