This command copies a file from the source client environment to the temporary package transfer directory on the application server. This temporary directory is automatically cleaned up after an execution completes and can be referenced using the [AS.PKG_TRANSFER_PATH] token.

ksc_copy_client_tmp parameters

Parameter Default token Description
SUB_PATH [P.P_SUB_PATH] The sub-directory that should be used to locate the file relative to the base path of each environment
SOURCE_BASE_PATH [SOURCE_ENV. CLIENT_BASE_PATH] The base path of the source client environment to be used instead of what is defined for the current source environment
FILENAME [P.P_FILENAME] Name of the file to be copied
FILE_TYPE [P.P_FILE_TYPE] The file type associated with the file (ASCII or BINARY)
SOURCE_ENV [SOURCE_ENV] Name of the source environment to be used instead of the source environment on the current workflow step