Use this command to flush a PPM Cache. It can invoked from any command step such as workflow step, and PPM report command step.

It works with new cache only.


ksc_flush_cache <cache-name> [<id>]

  • The parameter cache-name is the name of the new cache, as defined in cache.conf.

    For example, in the following cache.conf line, the cache name is "datasource":

    cache.datasource.title = Dashboard Datasources

  • The parameter id is optional. If it is omitted, the whole cache is flushed. If it is specified, only that entity is removed from the cache.

Issues and Limitations

  • ksc_flush_cache only works with new cache.
  • As of PPM 9.30, passing an entity ID to ksc_flush_cache will only work when the cache key is an integer value. If it is a string value, it will not be flushed, and the only option to remove the designated entity will be to flush the whole cache.