Use this command to launch migrations supported by the Object*Migrator.

The following syntax is supported:

ksc_om_migrate CONC_PROGRAM=<conc_program_name> APP_SHORT_NAME=<APP_SHORT_NAME> OM_ARCHIVE_FLAG=<Y/N>

The parameters CONC_PROGRAM and APP_SHORT_NAME are required. All other parameters are optional and are used to override the default behavior.

ksc_om_migrate parameters

Parameter Default token Description
CONC_PROGRAM None. This is a mandatory parameter. The concurrent program name. This has been pre-configured and will not need to be modified.
OM_ARCHIVE_FLAG [WFS. OM_ARCHIVE_FLAG] Specifies whether the migration will store to the archive rather than using what has been specified for the current workflow step
APP_SHORT_NAME None. This is a required parameter. This value is normally “CLM” but can be modified if the Object*Migrator has been installed into a custom account
SOURCE_ENV [SOURCE_ENV] The environment to migrate from rather than the one defined on the workflow step
DEST_ENV [DEST_ENV] The environment to migrate to rather than the one defined on the workflow step

Example using ksc_om_migrate

#Launch an AOL Concurrent Program Migration