This command is used to edit the contents of a file and place it into another file. This command works in a way similar to the sed utility and supports the same substituting expressions.

The files must be located on the PPM Server in the [AS.PKG_TRANSFER_PATH] directory. This requires the use of the ksc_ copy_tmp_* commands.

ksc_replace parameters

Parameter Default token Description
FILENAME [P.P_FILENAME] Name of the source file to be edited
OUTFILE [OUTFILE] Name of the output file after applying the substitution expressions
SUBST   The substitution expression

Example using ksc_replace

ksc_copy_server_tmp FILENAME=”config.template” FILE_ TYPE=”ASCII”
ksc_replace FILENAME=”config.template” OUTFILE=”config.cfg” 
ksc_copy_tmp_server FILENAME=”config.cfg”