This command runs an Excel report using an Excel template file.


ksc_run_excel_report <path/to/excel/template>
  • The path to the Excel template should point to an xlsx or xlsxm file relative to the folder <PPM_HOME>/conf/custom_excel_templates. Files located in the folder <PPM_HOME>/conf/excel_templates will also be picked if no matching file is found in the custom_excel_templates folder. However, files in the folder excel_templates are built-in and should not be modified as they will be overwritten upon upgrade.

  • The second line with REPORT_ID is also mandatory and is used to pass the report ID to the Excel report engine. It should never be omitted nor modified.

  • It is possible to add any number of arbitrary parameters between the first and the last line. All these parameter values will be passed to the Excel template when the report is generated. For example, to pass a parameter TIME_PERIOD with the value “weeks”, you can use the following command steps:

    ksc_run_excel_report reports/rm/ResourcesDetailsTemplate.xlsx
  • If you add the line DEBUG=true somewhere before ksc_end_report_parameters, the Excel Report will be run in debug mode and the generated file will be an Excel file which includes all the objects that are passed to the template file.