This command runs a SQL query against the chosen environment. The result of the last row queried is returned in the [SQL_OUTPUT] token. The result of the entire query is placed in the [AS.PKG_TRANSFER_PATH][PKGL.SEQ].txt file in <ITG_Home>.

To run this special command, any execution steps in the Change Management workflow must have their source environments defined in the Workflow Step window.

ksc_run_sql parameters

Parameter Default token Description
ENV_NAME [ENV_NAME] The name of the environment where data will be queried. The JDBC connection should be checked in the environment checker.
EXCEPTION_OPTION [EXCEPTION_OPTION] If no data is returned, determines if an exception should be thrown. The only available option is '-no_data_exception.'

Example using ksc_run_sql

ksc_run_sql QUERY_STRING="select sysdate from sys.dual" ENV_ NAME="[SOURCE_ENV.ENVIRONMENT_NAME]"

Note: The ksc_run_sql special command can be used to populate a validation. This is appropriate when the validation is validated by a Command with Delimited Output. In this case, the Data Delimiter should be set to “#@#”.

The following code is an example of ksc_run_sql in a validation.

ksc_run_sql QUERY_STRING=”select id, name from some_table” 
ksc_capture_output cat [AS.PKG_TRANSFER_PATH][PKGL.SEQ].txt