This command sets the value of a temporary variable which may be used to manage command conditions or aid in command processing.

The following syntax is supported:

ksc_set VARIABLE=”Value”

To reference the value of this variable, use the familiar token syntax without any prefix. Unlike the ksc_store command, ksc_set does not write values to the database. The scope of the variable that is set is valid from when the variable is defined to the end of the command steps for the entity. This make using ksc_set more attractive than shell variables because the values are retained between separate ksc_connect sessions. Another advantage of using ksc_set is that the token values are visible in the logs, not just the variable names. This command may be nested within a ksc_connect command (see the following example).

Example using ksc_set

# Set the value of a compile flag.
ksc_set COMPILE=”YES”
# ksc_set nested within a ksc_connect
ksc_set REBUILD=”NO”

Later, a temporary variable can be referenced in a command condition or in another command step. For example, the command condition may look like: