Use this command to set the exit value of the command execution to any value. When not used, the command execution engine returns standard execution results, such as FAILURE, SUCCESS, and ERROR (if an internal error occurred) that the workflow engine can transition on. Using ksc_set_exit_ value allows for the flexibility to set any exit value and enables custom workflow transitions.

The following formats are supported:

Sets the hidden and visible value to <value>.
ksc_set_exit_value "<value>"
Sets both the hidden and visible values independently.
ksc_set_exit_value "<hidden_value>", "<visible_value">       

The workflow engine will key off of the hidden value to determine if a transition should be made. The visible value is for display purposes.

ksc_set_exit_value is ideal for situations where there could be a number of different execution results, not just Success or Failure. Using ksc_set_exit_ value allows the workflow engine to transition on any number of execution outcomes.