Use this command to change the status of one or more staffing profiles. You can either pass the staffing profile name or the staffing profile ID.


USE_NAMES_FLAG="Y | N, defaults to Y"
STAFF_PROF_NAMES="A single Staffing Profile Name or a comma separated list of Names" 
STAFF_PROF_IDS="A single Staffing Profile ID or a comma separated list of Staffing Profile IDs" 
STATUS_NAME=" The new Staffing Profile Status" 
STATUS_CODE=" The new Staffing Profile Status Code"
  • Based on the value of the parameter USE_NAMES_FLAG, the staffing profile(s) to update will be retrieved from either the STAFF_PROF_NAMES or the STAFF_PROF_IDS parameter.

  • You should only pass one between STATUS_NAME and STATUS_CODE.

  • The following values are valid for STATUS_CODE/ STATUS_NAME:

    1 Active
    2 In Planning
    3 Completed
    4 Cancelled
    5 Baseline
    6 Approved
    7 Lock Down

Example using ksc_set_staffing_profile_status

ksc_set_staffing_profile_status USE_NAMES_FLAG="N" STAFF_PROF_IDS="[REQ.P.KNTA_STAFFING_PROFILE]" STATUS_NAME="In Planning"