This command dynamically sets the values of fields defined for object types, request types, and report types. This command is useful to set or alter the value of fields based on the command output. This command may only be used on fields which have been custom configured. Custom configured fields are those with tokens that are evaluated using the [P.<TOKEN>] or [VP.<TOKEN>] format. After altering a token, future evaluations of the token will use the new value. The new values are written to the database, so the changes are not temporary as in ksc_set.

This command may be nested within a ksc_connect command (as seen in the following example) and its value can be referenced in command conditions.

The following syntax is supported:

  • ksc_store TOKEN=”Value”

  • ksc_store TOKEN=”Hidden Value”, “Visible Value”

In the first case, the hidden and visible values of the field will be set to the same value. In the second case, the hidden and visible values are set independently. “Hidden Value” refers to the [P.<TOKEN>] format. “Visible Value” refers to the [VP.<TOKEN>] format.

Example using ksc_store

In the following example, it is assumed that the entity in question has the following tokens defined:

# Store the name of the driver file.
ksc_store DRIVER=”driver.sh”
# Capture the Revision number of a file.
cd “SourceCode/java”
grep ‘$Revision’ ServerAdmin.java 
# Set the hidden and visible result codes of a parameter.
ksc_store RESULT=”IN_PROG”,”In Progress”