Getting Started with the PPM Data Model

This document provides details about the internal structure of the data model for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) version 9.50. This document includes illustrations of the relationships between the tables that underlie the functional entities (such as packages) as well as technical details about these tables.

This document assumes that you have a basic understanding of structured design and relational databases, and that you are familiar with the functionality of all PPM products. For detailed information on the functionality for a specific product, see the documentation for that product.


This document is intended to provide an enhanced view of the inner structure of PPM for the purposes of developing custom portlets and reports. This information is not meant to facilitate changes to the base table structure of PPM. Direct updates to base tables should never be done and will cause functional product issues and compromise the ability to upgrade to future versions of the product. Updates to PPM data should only be done through supported APIs.

PPM reserves the right to change the structure of PPM tables in future versions, as well as to alter the PPM-supplied data provided with the application. PPM does not guarantee compatibility of the data model with future versions of the product. This document is valid only for PPM version 9.50. However, for your convenience, a compatibility meta layer (CML) has been developed to map deleted tables to database views.