This table stores the audit trail for the integration between PPM portfolio and ALM Octane entities.

Foreign keys

There are no foreign keys for this table.

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Column descriptions

Column Name Null? Data Type Description
AUDIT_ID NOT NULL NUMBER System-generated identifier.
REPORT_ID NOT NULL NUMBER The report ID in knta_report_submissions.
PORTFOLIO_NAME NULLABLE VARCHAR The portfolio name synced to agile system.
PARENT_PORTFOLIO_NAME NULLABLE VARCHAR The parent portfolio name synced to agile system.
PROCESS_STATUS NOT NULL VARCHAR Whether the integration succeeded or failed. The values include: SUCCESS, FAILED.
ERROR_CODE NULLABLE VARCHAR Error code returned from the agile system.
ERROR_MESSAGE NULLABLE VARCHAR Error message returned from the agile system.

Whether a PPM request or an ALM Octane entity is created, updated, or deleted. The values include: CREATE, UPDATE, or DELETE.

NOTE NULLABLE CLOB Notes if the integration was rejected.
AGILE_ENTITY_ID NOT NULL NUMBER The ID of the agile entity in the agile system.
PORTFOLIO_UPDATED_BY NULLABLE NUMBER The user who updated the portfolio.
PORTFOLIO_UPDATE_DATE NULLABLE DATE The time when the portfolio was updated.

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This table has no indexes.

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This table uses no sequences.

Sequence Name Sequence Type
ppm_int_agile_pf_audit_s Auto-increment

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