This table stores the OData links that are available in PPM.

Foreign Keys

This table has no foreign keys.

Column Descriptions

Column Name Null? Data Type Description
URL_KEY NOT NULL VARCHAR2(50) Unique random key generated for the OData Link. Used in the URL to identify the link. This is the primary key.
DESCRIPTION NULLABLE VARCHAR2(2000) Description of the OData link.
NAME NULLABLE VARCHAR2(200) Name of the OData link.
ODATA_DATA_SOURCE_ID NOT NULL NUMBER ID of the OData data source that this OData link points to.
ODATA_CONFIG NULLABLE CLOB JSon configurations of the filters that are sent to the data source for the OData link.

Number of the times that the OData link was called to retrieve data.

Note that importing data only once in Excel or PowerBI will result in multiple calls to the OData link as metadata has to be retrieved in separate calls, which are all counted.

LAST_ACCESSED_ON NULLABLE DATE Date when the OData link was last used.
CREATED_BY NOT NULL NUMBER ID of the PPM user who created the OData link. When using the OData link, the data will be retrieved by this user.
CREATION_DATE NULLABLE DATE Date when the OData link was created.

Expiration date of the OData link.

Not used at this point. No effect on the OData link.

ENABLED_FLAG NOT NULL VARCHAR(1) Whether the OData link is enabled (‘Y’) or not (‘N’ or any other value). A disabled OData link cannot be used to retrieve data.


This table has no indexes.


This table uses no sequences.