This table stores the configuration information for webhooks. Currently, only Request Type webhooks are supported.

Foreign keys

There are no foreign keys for this table.

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Column descriptions

Column Name Null? Data Type Description
WEB_HOOK_ID NOT NULL NUMBER System generated unique ID. Created from sequence PPM_WEB_HOOKS_S
ENTITY_TYPE_ID NULLABLE NUMBER ID of the Entity Type for which the webhook is created. Currently, this can only be 19 (Request Type Entity ID)
ENTITY_ID NULLABLE VARCHAR2(50) ID of the entity for which this webhook is created. Currently, this can only contain the request type ID.
DESCRIPTION NULLABLE VARCHAR2(2000) Description of the webhook.
WEB_HOOK_CONFIG NULLABLE CLOB JSon of the configuration of the webhook. Structure of the JSon might vary depending on the ENTITY_TYPE_ID.
CREATED_BY NULLABLE NUMBER User ID of the user who created the webhook.
CREATION_DATE NULLABLE DATE Date and time when the webhook was created.
ENABLED_FLAG NULLABLE VARCHAR2(1) Whether the webhook is enabled (‘Y’) or not (‘N’).

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Index Name Index Type Sequence Column Name

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Sequence Name Sequence Type
PPM_WEB_HOOKS_S Sequence for Unique ID

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