This table is for PPM internal use only.

When PPM runs the Evaluate TM Approvers Service, to avoid memory overflow, PPM would break down some large items in the TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS table. However, the breakdown job is not done directly in the TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS table in case it is blocked in the process. Instead, the job is done in the temporary table TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS_GT.

Therefore, when the Evaluate TM Approvers Service runs, the TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS_GT table is dropped at first and then created to do the breakdown job according to the data in the TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS table.

The TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS_GT table has the same columns as the TM_PENDING_APPROVERS_EVALS table.